Clara Fantasia

A story-focused tabletop RPG inspired by anime, video games, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Our tale begins in the region of Pangulia, now broken into four warring factions, each in control of an element. As a teenager trapped at the crossroads of war and politics, fight your way to freedom, meet valuable friends, and explore the world with wide-eyed wonder.

We are currently working on polishing the player experience of season one (The Rekindled), as well as gaining traction through art, original music, and various promotional material!

Learn about our combat system, the premise of The Rekindled (Season One), and ways to be a part of this experience! Online campaigns are held year-round on our Discord channel, where you'll be updated with all of our newest announcements. Additionally, stay tuned for our podcast, released on multiple platforms!

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The Premise

Pangulia is a region broken off into four elemental factions: the Valkrigian Republic (water), the Xinghuo Empire (fire), the United Cities of Isokana (earth) and the Nation-State of Agiolis (Air).

Our season one - The Rekindled, started with the assassination of High Priest Zeren, the former ruler of Agiolis. His son, Zodan, has since waged war against Isokana to avenge his father. Upon seeing this, the two other kingdoms have refused to stay idle, each assisting one warring faction, leading to a war that dictates the future of Pangulia.

Elemental users, called 'primordialists' or 'mani' (manipulators) for short, are highly valued during the war. Thus, we play as teenage primordialists - some forced onto the battlefield, some going willingly. It's there where we'll find a way out - help from a certain ally, and embark on a journey full of secrets, death, and political intrigue.

To learn more about the cultures of the four nations and regional lore, be a part of our Discord channel - where campaigns and special events are run.

Roleplaying & What To Expect

Clara Fantasia's goal to create an dynamic and immersive world for players to live in. Players will roleplay as their characters through voice chat (or in person), in typical TTRPG fashion.

In general, our campaigns are of a semi-serious nature where we have many opportunities to play out our characters' grim reactions to story events; being in character is something that happens very naturally. At the same time, we occasionally take a very meta or self-aware approach to certain scenes, to balance out the player experience.

Clara Fantasia draws influence from cartoons, anime, and JRPGs, hence we carry the typical anime corniness, but also charm. We incorporate many elements from our inspirations, namely the energetic, high-octane nature and focus on emotions and interactions.

The story is geared towards plot and character growth, with each run of The Rekindled (Season One) being tailor-made to your characters' backstories, courtesy of our DMs. In order to maintain some consistency with the strong central plot of The Rekindled, the campaign is linear - this means that the story would have us go from one city to another in a particular order, but what we do in them and how we solve each problem/quest are up to you. By creating a somewhat unified experience through our campaign runs (currently on the 8th), our solid yet still malleable plotline can fully explore thematic development at its core, guaranteeing a high level of quality.

Want to experience Clara Fantasia? Campaigns and special events are held year-round on our Discord channel.


The combat system in CF is a unique mix of D&D and a blend of other roleplaying mechanics and video game mechanics.

There's ONE OF FOUR things you can do on your Major Action:

2. Use an ABILITY
3. Restore 1 MP (Magic Points)
4. Switch your FOCUS

At the end of the Major Action, you will roll a die called a Stunt Die. Stunts are small boons and extra actions you can take after your Major Action, let that be healing yourself or helping an ally. If you roll the right numbers, you may do any one stunt that you’ve unlocked. You won't have

When you level up, you'll be able to select a new ability and a new stunt from the list, up to your new level. You won't get all of them in one playthrough, so choose wisely!

An example of a watermani moveset. Each character can reach level 5.

Combat Classes

CF features a specialized skillset for each element, meaning that your decision on which element to go for might come down to whose skillset you like the most. These four classes are designed to synergize with each other, allowing our players to come up with crazy combinations and combos during combat! Discover how you can weave multiple abilities together for maximum efficiency.

Earth’s is a brawling defender. If you constantly do damage, your damage ramps up tremendously until you hit like a truck. You focus on hindering enemies (punishing their actions), doing a lot of damage consistently, but protecting your allies at crucial times when you have to.

Fire's kit is a damage support. You have a unique resource called KAI which is generated on the start of your turn, and when an ally uses a STUNT on you. You can cash in the KAI to do major damage or buff allies.

Water's kit is a berserker healer. The lower your HP is, the more damage and healing you can dish out, so you juggle between efficiency and safety.

Air's kit is a versatile assassin. You have a unique resource called BLADES, that you can collect in STUNTS. You can use BLADES to give your abilities additional benefits, making them stronger. You can scan enemies to provide intel to your team, and you possess the only revive in the game.

To learn more about each class, visit this site. The entire combat system is further explained on our Discord channel.


As of 2020, Clara Fantasia has been in development for approximately two years. In this time, we have been able to commission various art pieces and promotional material. Several original music tracks have also been composed by CF's creator Sushi (Casper) as a part of an imagined soundtrack.

The future of CF could go in multiple ways. In a few years, it could remain as a TTRPG, which might lead into a published guidebook for other DMs on how to run The Rekindled.

An alternate path we could take is to transform CF into something bigger by transferring mediums. The story of Clara Fantasia can easily pave way towards a webcomic, a short animated series, or even a turn-based RPG video game. For the most part, our decision will come down to logistics, budget, following, and other circumstances. The more traction we gain, the faster we can develop!


The team of Clara Fantasia continues to grow! We have a group of artists and voice actors who will lend their help with certain projects, with some even voicing our main NPCs. Several players who will finish The Rekindled have agreed to DM for future runs as well, joining the ever-increasing team of storytellers. You're welcome to reach out if you're interested in joining the team!

Sushi (Casper)

Creator of Clara Fantasia, he completed the entirety of The Rekindled on his own, reaching over 180k words in script/dialogue. He has also completed several music tracks for Clara Fantasia (see Gallery for more examples), contributing the imagined soundtrack. Most social media handles are managed by Sushi as well.

He is our main DM on our Discord channel, and will be running campaigns year-round until further notice. Beyond writing and making music, he loves video games (city-building, strategic games etc) and is basically a board game collector (hoarder gremlin, really).


A personal friend of Sushi, Midknight partook in the second run of The Rekindled. After the campaign, she has volunteered to join the CF team, and is now simultaneously DMing The Rekindled for another group alongside Sushi's. A great adviser and writer, she ensures the quality and consistency of the story and offers an outsider view of the project. Warning: will add sarcasm to any project that she works on.

punny cat

Shion is a talented artist responsible for designing (and redesigning) several important characters in The Rekindled. She will be focusing on animalistic races (yes, those exist!) and species that are not quite human - a very tough feat! Despite all that, she executes everything wonderfully and often exceeds all expectations as a creative concept artist. You might come across some of them in the Gallery. Warning: punny levels may vary.


Siplick is a versatile artist that has drawn multiple pieces for Clara Fantasia. Initially tackling backdrops and scenery (such as the one in our background right now), she will also be focusing on concept art for each major city/town in The Rekindled. By the time that is complete, we would have at least 10 stunning art pieces. She is friendly, very professional, and always willing to work with you until everything is perfect. Warning: has really cute OCs.


Meggie voices Azafina, one of the major NPCs/companions that will guide you on your journey. Enthusiastic, bubbly, and passionate with her work, she's an absolute blast to work with. She exceeds all expecations with her line delivery, and will continue to be a staple in the CF team whenever we need the voice for our 'poster girl'.

Follow Us/Contacts

To show your support, feel free to join us on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or even support us on Patreon! The more we get each month, the more we get to pump out in the long run. Your monthly support is greatly appreciated!

To contact Sushi, the creator and manager of Clara Fantasia, you can message him through his Twitter, CF's Twitter, or via Email.

Entry 1: When Things Were Copyrighted

22rd February, 2020

Welcome to ‘STWMBIDTGP’, the written series where I go on a tangent about some really early ideas and concepts that would end up as the groundwork for Clara Fantasia™. It’s pretty much a casual retelling of how this all started, so go get a margarita or whatever you drink at home.

Okay, so there’s a lot of context that needs to be established before I really strain my brain to squeeze out some memories from two years ago, also known as the ‘university sucked so I used my depression to fuel the angst in my writing’ period of my life. Fun times. This entry will be context only, so the next one would feature concept art and initial ideas.

This was approximately two years ago, when The Rekindled still sort of had an ‘Avatar’ tag on it. The Primus, our ‘Avatar’, still used the same term borrowed from The Last Airbender, even if we had our own original region and cultures in Pangulia. Maybe you could consider it a spinoff with the same terminology, but even then our overpowered entity functioned a bit differently as well, so that’s where the similarities ended.

Back then, The Rekindled was supposed to be a one-time gig, and even the reason for its creation was a little situational. In high school, a friend of mine (we'll call him Marcus, cause that’s his name) had always wanted to write his own Avatar campaign. Instead, after half a year of hiatus, he came out of the writing cave with a Dragon Age TTRPG story. Great guy though, love him, and he had fantastic ideas there. Guess it’s a little hard to incorporate dragons into ATLA without making it a hybrid (maybe half sheep?), but either way, timeskip back to my uni life, and I was just sitting in the common room with my laptop with my lads Xavier and Rinan (shoutout to the two!), thinking about what to write next. I then remembered that the ATLA-inspired campaign had never happened, so I volunteered to embrace the forever-DM curse a third time and just crank one out myself. It took quite a bit of time - about nine months to reach the 150k word count with The Rekindled story finally complete. Well, at least complete for its time.

I was excited. Honestly, I was the giddy nerd who thought he had finished something pretty alright and just threw the glorified turd at the four unfortunate souls, who just happened to be standing in front of the common room wall. And it stuck. Sorry guys...but thanks for sticking with me.

The whole adventure of The Rekindled, done over 3 days during a sleepover in January. It wasn’t especially fast back then, but it’s considered a damn speedrun nowadays with how much more time we have by running it online.

Anyway, that’s the context. The Rekindled, born just because a good friend of mine never followed through with his plan. Off to a good start. I’ll be talking about characters and plot (with as little spoilers are humanly possible) in the second entry of the series, by the way, so that’ll be fun as well!

So remember when I said that The Rekindled was meant to be a one time gig? Well, after the whole thing, anxiety slapped me in the face and said I got post-series depression, which is something we normally feel after completing a book series, or a show, or anything that you’re attached to. Back then the whole thing still had the whole Avatar tag, by the way, even if I had been trying to shake that label off since we’re really our own thing, but it’s just to let you picture the timeline a bit better. It was still very much 'Avatar: The Rekindled'. Well, a love letter’s a love letter, but we gotta break free with our own identity.

Anyway, during said depression, there was this time when Rinan (of the first run) told me on a train downtown that it really didn’t have to end, and that I ‘could just make a DLC like a beach episode or something’ (thank you Rinan). After that I really just need a bit of an extra push to get myself back into a good headspace. I distinctly remember standing in the shower for far too long one day, just trying to think of a way to experience The Rekindled again. I reaaaally didn’t want it to end - consider it an author’s attachment to their craft...then, in the midst of tears (over-exaggeration, maybe), Rinan's words sparked a new flame - I'm going to do it again.

One month later, I found another group in the uni’s board game club and off we went a second time. With the luxury of Free Time™, we could do it over several months, and that went swimmingly. The same story with the same overarching plot, but with personalized segments to make their characters really fit in!

But I knew by then that Avatar tag had to go. It kept nagging me at the back of my head and I had to get rid of that slight imposter syndrome somehow.

Took me a while to come up with Clara Fantasia. Wanted it to sound grand, so of course we’re tossing in a latin word that has people think of the Disney movie(s) instead of anything else. Great start! Then we threw in a name that also means bright, so we have ‘bright fantasy’ or ‘bright fantasia’, which is valid, though it does leave people wondering who the hell Clara is.

...You’ll never know.

Still, bright fantasy - sounds about right. CF is mostly bright and energetic except when it really isn’t, so technically I need to add an asterisk behind Clara Fantasia in case of potential false advertising. Remember - this was written when depression was begging me to go dark, but I still managed to punch it hard enough for angsty parts to stay minimal.

Near the end of the second run of The Rekindled, the name CF was set. Clara Fantasia: The Rekindled. And guess what? Post-series depression hit again. Alright, there has to be a way to solve that.

I was in the shower again. A different one - I moved out of dorms. I was doing the typical edgy thing by standing completely still, just letting the water cascade off my body while anime music played on my phone. It was ‘Brave Shine’ from Aimer when it hit: Clara Fantasia’s now its own thing with its own name. It didn’t have to end there either.

And so, it didn’t. Again. Thanks, post-series depression for being my sole motivation. Clara Fantasia turned into a trilogy with a particular pattern/system in mind. To connect each season together, there would be one mini-campaign (essentially 30% as long as the standard season) that would bridge the two seasons together. I endearingly call them ‘DLCs’. Seeing how The Rekindled was initially supposed to end right there, this makes finishing at the end of season one still extremely satisfying, but if players want to go all the way, they can. Surprising how well that worked - might need a few tweaks and polishing lore-wise though, which is always an ongoing process.

Thus, after the second run had ended, I wrote the first DLC called the 'Shackled Feathers', which connects season one and two. I then ran it for the second run, as well as the first run at a later date - I couldn't leave them out of something new, after all, and I was glad that they enjoyed returning to CF after a bit of rest.

And the format has been set from there; moving CF online was just the natural next step. Now we run campaigns on Discord for the most part, and we have merch, trailers, music, and The Rekindled is getting more and more polished with each run! We’ll go pro, eventually, whatever pro really means or what it entails. I don’t expect too much, but i’ll be throwing more shit at the wall for the next few years. But enough about the future - i'm happy with how far we've come, and that there's 'Fantasians' out there - fans and friends eager to learn more about our world and story that's now rather tried-and-true.

Thanks for reading all the way! What’s next would be a deeper dissection of The Rekindled’s plot and its characters - essentially how the first season (meant to be the only season) came to be. Oh, I also need to address the DLC ('Shackled Feathers') that links season one and two together! After all, that’s as far as we’ll go before i'm sure that The Rekindled is as good as it can be; only then will I move on to season two.

That means we’ll eventually look into Aurelle, my best girl* born from the pits of post-series depression. But that’ll happen eventually. Next entry - setting of Pangulia and our favorite NPCs.

*People WILL fight me as to who the best girl is.

Entry 2: Plotting the Plot and Characterizing the Characters

24th February, 2020

Welcome back to STWMBIDTGP! Today’s going to be about the foundations of Pangulia - the region in which The Rekindled takes place. We’re also going to be looking into our first two NPC companions to see how they were created! I’m hoping that this offer a bit of insight on some values that I think are important when making a story-focused campaign like CF, and if this motivates you or teaches you anything about creating stories or characters, it’d be an absolute honor for me.

Of course, attempts to minimize important spoilers will be made as we recall the development process of our story.

So, back to the beginning. Admittedly, my memory regarding the very beginning of CF planning is a little...patchy, so enjoy a Frankenstein’s-Monster of loosely connected dots. Funny enough, The Rekindled’s story is essentially the same - a cluster of connected dots, but a lot more tightly-knit with plot points and secret plans happening behind the scenes, a la a whiteboard with red threads that noone could see.

I do remember, though, due to my personal viewpoints and opinions on what makes a good story-driven campaign, that I started with two goals in mind - a good overarching plot and good central NPCs as companions and ‘engine fuel’ for the story. I reached a conclusion that the two best ways to push an overarching story along are:

Triggering certain events at cities/locations that will naturally encourage the players to keep going on that certain path. By making it natural and believable, players feel less restricted as their reactions/decisions will usually be what I wanted them to be. It needs to be done well, though.Having major NPCs pushes the plot forward, either by making the story also about them (instead of just being about our PCs) or by using them specifically to trigger more personal events, such as ones mentioned above. They can make in-character decisions that can worsen the situation, adding a bit of unpredictability.
It’s been a goal from the start that i’d want the plot of The Rekindled to be about certain major NPCs as much as it’s about our heroes/PCs. We can save the world, sure, but with the help of others; we have our limits, after all, and it’s unrealistic to make a story just about four people - things need to be interwoven. Making players care about our NPC companions is important, as they’ll be coming with for the majority of the season. During parts of the story, you’ll find yourselves helping a companion with their mission, thus making it our own due to our connection with them.

With that in mind, the overarching plot was set with certain themes in mind - acceptance, taking risks, depression, self-identity/self-worth, justice, belief, etc. Knowing how it ends is just as important as knowing where to start, so I immediately worked on how it ended. That would change a bit over time as more and more was added into the story, but it's still where I had wanted it to be.

Then, the characters! Tomu came first, courtesy to first run’s Rinan for sketching out his base design. Rinan would also like to let you know that she’s a lot better at art now, though it’s always been fantastic. Thank you Rinan!

Tomu was the first main NPC campaign ever designed for CF. His name was practically randomly created - put two syllables together that sounded good, sue me. Azafina, the other NPC companion, has a name that had a lot more thought put into it.

His dorkable face was low-key inspired by Dreamwork’s Hiccup from HTTYDD back in the day, but he now tends to have a rounder, wider face in newer art pieces.

(Hello Azafina at the top right! We’ll get to you in a second.)

This butter-knife of an edgelord had the least design change over time, so I suppose he gets a cookie for having no variety in his wardrobe. The cape stemmed from his stage persona, as did his half-mask, as I decided that he’d be some sort of permanent arena fighter in some dome somewhere. That eventually led me to drop him into Rokudai from the Battle Bus, as it’s essentially the city in the middle of our region that welcomes outcasts of all four elements; it was a natural decision that just fell into place. How he ties into the plot took a little bit longer, as i’ll need to establish his role and relationships with other NPCs and characters.

And what exactly was his role when I first designed him? Well, he’s romancible from the get-go, he’s there to provide a bit of witty commentary when he’s around, and does the usual NPC companion exposition-ing you’d come to expect from mainstays like these. Cool, confident, but not exactly cocky, cause I don’t want to make him punchable. His main theme (each main NPC of mine has a main theme, you’ll come to realize - I build characters around these) was that he never wanted to leave the comfort bubble of his own home despite leading a mediocre life at best; he loves to have control over elements in his life, and so leaving a world of familiarity in search for something unknown is something he’d never be able to do.

That is, of course, unless we convince him.

And that’s a beautiful segue (I would give that a 7/10) into another main NPC companion in The Rekindled - our beloved Azafina, the literal poster girl of our series.

Her theme directly counteracts against Tomu’s - she’s never afraid to venture into the unknown (thank you for getting in my head again, Idina Menzel) in order to fight for what she believes in. She always prefers to take things into her own hands, and tends to condemn those that are a bit less brave, like a certain edge-boy. The perks of using themes/character arcs as a starting point for character-making is that you can make two people the antithesis of each other, or be connected in some other way, even if they are still friends. The whole general story feels a lot more interwoven that way.

Naming wise, definitely put more thought into it. The name itself doesn’t mean anything per se, but I used some general naming conventions to convey what the name could reveal about her. It’s no surprise to my friends that I love names starting with A - it’s not the hardest sound nor the softest, and it’s the first in the alphabet, potentially suggesting some sort of leadership quality. The name ending with A is also typical for many names, but by having it start and end with the same letter, it could suggest that she’s involved in the story from start to finish; the Z behind the first A could also have a similar effect. ‘Fina’ sounds a little graceful, which contradicts that harder, cooler ‘Aza’ part, suggesting a dynamic personality. I’ve probably thought way too deep but hey, it sounds good too! Though, if she were to be a watermani (water manipulator, or water primordialist as we call them), her name would most definitely be Aquafina.

That’s pretty much it for why she was named that way, so we’re moving onto design. Design is always important in any story, but is definitely something that I value a lot personally. It’s part of what gives characters their unique identities, so it’s crucial to get that right. Our poster girl here has gone through quite a bit - essentially one base design and two redesigns/glow-ups. This is probably the most interesting bit for some of you.

This was one of the very first sketches of Azafina, drawn by Pyralsprite, another player of the first run. The mace’s design had not been finished yet, but her general design was sort of there - boots, armor, two braids, round face.

This was developed further by Pyral (shoutout to her! She’s helped a lot with early sketches and is an awesome friend) before starting the first run, based off the previous sketch. The spherical object in her arm was supposed to be a helmet - and mentions of this helmet had actually survived until the second run before it was eventually erased. This not only was a great starting point for her design, but it also determined her color scheme, and said palette would stay the same throughout her designs.

Fun fact: You see her left arm over there? That slit? It was supposed to be a hidden blade, but that’s removed in the redesign for due to characterization - it was replaced by a gauntlet-shield that could roar into flames to expand its coverage. I figured that she, a valiant defender of friends (and teenage heartthrob to many PCs, but that’s irrelivant here), should have a shield more than a hidden blade; those stabbies are meant for assassins or close combat! Even as a backup, who needs close combat when you have Starblazer, her two-handed mace? In the end, us creators really need to ask ourselves if certain things are in character.

Still, images like this (also by Pyral) helped shape Aza into how she looks now! From then on, her face would have the same roundness to it, and her hairstyle would mostly stay the same as well! Oh, and that other girl is Onthou, Pyral’s PC as well as Azafina’s love interest for the first run! They were adorable.

And here’s the first redesign/glow-up by artist Raudhr, also completed just before the first run.

We can see that by now, her hair and face would stay mostly the same. That gauntlet-shield is now here as well, and her armor is a little more heavy-duty. And of course, we're adding a cape fitting for a poster girl of her nation, but it's also meant to match Tomu's, signifying their friendship but also hinting towards their differences (black cape vs white cape).

Oh, the single wing on her left shoulder was new too, to bring in a bit of asymmetry!

This design would persist until a year after, when she went through the second (and most likely the last) big redesign to further reinforce her identity. Right now, we felt that the bit of skin above her boots would be a good contrast against her darker outfit, but it wasn’t that fitting in from thematic, realistic viewpoint.

This next redesign by artist ShaniceTJN truly defined Azafina as the heavy-duty warrior that represents the might and fortitude of her people - a more practical, realistic design that would function as both an armor to look at, but also an armor that could help her survive in a real battle. Ahoge not included (added after this design).

There we go! Full body armor, multiple layers, padded, together with her Starblazer with its final design! Throw in a nice belt with a pouch and a red section at her waist for some color contrast and there you go - very analogous palette for our official redhead! This is also the same design as the one you see in our backdrop here.

And this is her now - a little ahoge (that little tuff) on the top of her head so it isn’t too flat up there and voila! 20% cuter. Hopefully that sheds some light on the design process and explains some of our decisions!

So as you can see, both NPCs were created with a specific goal and theme in mind, and I made sure the plot had something to do with them as well, to tie things together. The story was engineered in a way that Tomu and Azafina would both take up quite a bit of time throughout The Rekindled, and they’d even meet at some points! But that way, there’s almost always a companion from start to finish, even if the baton gets passed around from time to time.

It’s always a blast being either of them on top of just being a GM/DM. As someone that suffers the forever DM curse, this is the closest i’d get to playing a PC, pretty much!

Now with those two done, it’s back to the overall plot composition. I decided to split The Rekindled into ten chapters, with each chapter essentially covering one major city or town. That then led to the whole linear adventure being sort of similar to a three-act story.

Having each town take up one chapter turns out to have a lot of benefits! It allows a better estimate of how long the campaign is, allows me to allocate events evenly throughout most of it, and even helps with organization and (more importantly) pacing. The rest was relatively simple - coming up with what happens in each city, how the players are motivated to go to the next one, and where to put some twists and maybe some red herrings if I feel like being an ass. I’ll save everyone the details as it’s always better to experience it yourself, but The Rekindled’s ending is sure to satisfy you, no doubt!

And now we’re back to post-series depression, though I might talk about each nation in another entry if there’s a demand for it. With The Rekindled’s story ending in such a satisfying manner, it would take some out-of-the-box thinking and start a whole new season. While the new seasons’ plotline is still in the works, the link from season one and two has already been completed - The Shackled Feathers, that ‘DLC’ that begins after the end of The Rekindled.

With a new place to explore and a new threat on the horizon, we might need another major NPC of a certain caliber to whisk our adventurers away on a quest to a distant kingdom - a new one that isn’t quite like the Tomu nor Aza.

And thankfully, we have one.


Read about CF's creation process and more!

'Shit That I Made Before I Decided To Go Pro'

A series of casual entries talking about how Clara Fantasia came to be, including the 'origin story' as well as dissecting some characters and some parts of the plot. Contains pictures and images never-before-seen!

Events & Newsletter

Learn about our seasonal events held throughout the year! Find out what happened before, and stay updated with new ones! Most of these events are non-canon, meaning that they have no tie-ins with the main story; things can get quite wild because of it! More importantly, non-players of CF are always free to join - even if you aren't in a campaign, you could join one of these one-shots or ongoing events on our Discord channel!

Additionally, major announcements will be featured here!

Clara Fantasia - 2020 Year Recap and Retrospective

18th December, 2020

Greetings, Fantasians!

With Christmas around the corner, we're here to share and reflect on what we have achieved this year, and what we aim to achieve in the near future of 2021.

Firstly, we have grown significantly in terms of artwork, as that was our focus of the year. Thanks to the partial funding of our Patreon, we're able to commission artist Siplick for city/town art - 11 in total, with 8 already complete. Expect the other three to be completed in Spring 2021!

With these complete, players will have a better idea of Pangulia's identity. Thank you for your contributions, and should we reach a higher budget, we'll be able to hasten our progress and commission/fund more assets and materials!

Secondly, we have successfully published our official website: (yes, here!), with its own domain! This will help us establish our own branding and add a dash of professionalism.

Thirdly, we have created various promotional material as well, such as this video of Azafina featured in one of the series' teasers. Voice actress Meggie-Elise did a fantastic job and really brought our poster girl to life!

Regrettably, we are unable to find enough players for a podcast run. However, with that in mind, we have also begun to create guidebooks as an alternative, to help promote CF further and to get them into the hands of some DMs out there. As of writing this post, we are also publishing a 'story handbook' alongside the rules, which would be a demo that features Chapter One of The Rekindled, our main linear story campaign. DMs will be able to read into the script of our adventure and learn about how each chapter functions - they are also welcome to try running it for their friends as well, to get a feel of our world and atmosphere. Stay tuned~!

Therefore, the priority of 2021 is to finish the city/town art and publish the demo of Chapter One. After the backdrops are complete, we are able to funnel our funding here towards something else - which will be decided on a later date. We greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you all into the new year.

And that's our recap for 2020 - some promotional material, a professional website, and marvelous art from our artists. While our growth this year has not been the greatest, the world is struggling to grow as well, and i'm sure many of us are still weathering the storm. In the end, we wish you health and happiness, with newfound optimism that can help all of us step into 2021 with Rekindled spirits.

Thank you for supporting Clara Fantasia. A year ago, we talked about the beginning of our 'fantasia', but now, let us help bring the fantasy into a new era!

Clara Fantasia - TTRPG Podcast Relaunch

9th April, 2020

Greetings, Fantasians. 2020 has been a turbulent year for many, and I hope everyone is well. 

As we continue to pump out backdrop art pieces for every major city in CF: The Rekindled, we have also been creating original music for the campaign and events/games for our fellow fans. This anime/Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired fantasy adventure now has its own anime-esque theme song, some great character art, official website, merchandise and more, and now, we're happy to keep the momentum going by making another big announcement today. Four lucky souls get to experience the story of The Rekindled and weave together an unforgettable tale for all listeners.

It's with great pleasure that I announce the relaunch of our podcast! With Episode 0 (a separate prologue) already completed by great friends of ours, we'll be picking things up from Episode 1 with a brand new cast of players. 

With that in mind, we have officially started recruitment! We will be running sessions weekly, each one 1.5 - 2 hours long. The day of the week will be decided once we have a full roster available (though it's most likely weekdays), so be sure to let us know which days are great for you! These sessions will be run in the mid-late evening or during mornings, North America time.

If you are interested in taking part in this story-focused grand adventure, please contact CF through Twitter or our Discord. Here are some guidelines for those who'd like to give it a shot: 
Willingness to be recorded and have your audio uploaded - just needed to bring it up.  A decent microphone and connection (hopefully no multiple disconnects but if the ISP is being crappy, we'll understand). If you have software that you use to record yourself, that's a bonus. - The ability to attend sessions regularly. Each session requires all four players to be present, and it will be a big, constant commitment for more than half a year. Time flexibility is appreciated. Passion, enthusiasm. If you're good at writing, describing, acting, that's a great bonus!Love for roleplaying/ttrpgs/anime/video games, and other genres/interests that relate to Clara Fantasia. 
For those that aren't familiar with Clara Fantasia as a whole, please visit and join us on our Discord ( We are a high-octane plot-driven tabletop roleplaying campaign with a focus on character interactions, themes, and emotions. If you love a TTRPG dedicated to presenting a good story, then CF is perfect for you!

'Draw This In Your Style' Challenge

26th January, 2020

Welcome to Clara Fantasia's first 'feature' event; if you're one of the two winners of this challenge, any suitable character of yours could show up as a cameo/minor NPC in our campaign, The Rekindled!

Artists will have the chance to take part in this DTIYS challenge until the 12th of March. You have the options of drawing Azafina (the main companion of the story), Aurelle (the mysterious yet savage assassin), Tomu (another main companion) or Aris (one of the main companions from Season Two of our trilogy) in your style, with no specific requirements laid out. The three characters would have ample refs (some requiring some elaboration from different refs) provided to you online through our Twitter announcement - refer to the tweets below the main post. You could draw them in their usual armor, or other attire, modern or ancient - the only limit is your creativity! You may also submit several different submissions with a limit of three.

To submit, simply post your art and on Instagram (clara_fantasia) or Twitter (@clara_fantasia). You must tag us on either handle and follow either/both accounts, and Twitter users must also retweet the announcement post, while IG users should also use the tag #cfdtiys.

After the deadline, everyone's submission will be judged by the CF team based on quality, style/flair and creativity. Therefore, the two winners will get the honor of having one of their characters show up as a cameo/minor NPC (specifics need to be discussed and some small tweaks might be necessary - we'd like it to be fitting for the world)! Good luck, and have fun!

The Interdimensional Tournament

3rd January, 2020 - ONGOING

Welcome to the Interdimensional Tournament! This is a large arena-like competition event held by the mysterious group called the Realm Puppeteers, who claim to have pathways to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. The Puppeteers are able to create an alternate instance of preexisting worlds, setting a temporary stage for the abnormal to happen, to take place. This naturally leads to the wonderful opportunity to create a tournament in this temporary realm, where things that happen there do not affect our normal timelines. Death or injuries are not permanent.

To win, there are three ways - have the opponent surrender, throw them out of the ring, or kill them. It's that simple!

This is a written RP event - meaning that players will write in our Discord instead of talking like a normal tabletop campaign! Write the most dynamic battle with your opponent(s), and fight your way to the top in this non-canon tournament event! Available to anyone with a character (feel free to come up with someone new).

The Everwinter Festival

24th December, 2019

The last month of the year is also named the 'Everwinter's Touch', referring to the chilly depths of Valkrigian Hell known as the Everwinter. At the end of each year, a large traveling group known as the Tidal Traveling Troupe would visit one of the few Valkrigian cities and set up a large fair/carnival, featuring rides that they've designed themselves.

This year is no different. Gideon Reed, owner and founder of the TTT, is proud to present one of the biggest carnival yet. Join the inter-school field trip and have some non-canon fun at one of several mini-games created for the experience, including the brand new Flow-Karts™!

What's this about a mysterious purple haze and a being of pure hate and malice? Is the festival doomed from the start, or are there secrets screaming to be uncovered? Available to anyone, old and new, even players that aren't in any CF campaigns. To some, this is a chance to bring back their characters from their previous campaign!